EYEFEELSIX formed in 2000 and began contribute mind and man power for local scene and gradually built a large following through their outraged sense of constant humanity sickness , political awareness, and injustice . Mostly inspired by (but not limited to): Public Enemy, House Of Pain, Cypresshills, Onyx, Run DMC, Organize Confussion, slayer, sepultura, Biohazzard, Obituary, rykers, downset, The Ramones, Agnostic Front, the crew set out to create a lyrical and musical hybrid that would transcend easy categorization and not be bound by limitation. eyefeelsix was one of the first crew to mix elements of hip-hop and rap with metal and hardcore.


  1. Pain per hate, Grimloc Records 2011
  2. Illmortality, Grimloc Records 2011
  3. Kompilasi Frekuensi Perangkap Tikus, ICW Records 2013
  4. Peraih penghargaan Indonesia Cutting Edge Music Award ICEMA 2014 kategori The best Hiphop/RnB track
  5. Kompilasi KPK Hari Anti Korupsi Dunia, KPK Records 2015
  6. Juara DMC Contest Indonesia 2014
  7. Peringkat 15 Dunia DMC Contest Internastional 2014